When the specification called for Black Oxide, the traditional procedure was to send your component parts out to a metal finishing house. This could lead to numerous complications, downtime and expense.


e-Black Solutions is pleased to present an alternative solution that actually works.


Blackfast offers an extremely simple, easy-to use, safe, and cost effective process for blacking iron & steel components in-house at room temperature. The operator requires minimal training, and there is no prior chemical knowledge needed. The primary solutions utilized in the blacking process are of a water base, thus limiting safety & environmental hazards. Rinse water effluents are well within compliance of by-law guidelines of most municipalities.


The Blackfast simple dip process is done in minutes, in plastic tubs.


Blackfast has been the industry leader of conversion blacking in Europe for over 24 years and is now distributing the simple process in North America. This blacking & corrosion inhibiting procedure is used in the manufacture of machine tools, tool holders, cutters, industrial machinery and precision metal components.




Reduce down time

·         Sending out for hot black oxiding can take days to weeks.

·         Assembly of machinery held up waiting for components to return from outsource & missing parts upon


·         You & your customers are waiting, inconvenienced and losing money.

·         Employees waiting for parts to resume productive effort.

·         The process can be carried out by junior staff requiring no chemical knowledge.


Avoid sending components out

·         Incurred Shipping & Handling Costs.

·         Use of company truck & employee.

·         Paper work and administration.

·         P.O.s and Cheque issuing.

·         Wasted time tracing outsource items.

·         Mixed up job lots.

·         Loss of  control of your own productivity

In-House Quality Control

·         Consistent deep black finish.

·         Eliminate damage due to tumbling your parts with those of other hot oxide clients.

·         No more re-machining, re-tapping, cleaning, checking critical dimensions upon return from outsource.

·         No more creeping white salt corrosion.

·         Blackfasted parts assemble easily with no thread binding or bolt snapping.

·         Excellent anti-galling properties.

·         In-house operations contribute to ISO compliance & certification.

Minimum Charges for Out Source Hot Black Oxiding

·         Cost from $ 75 to $ 150 per order.

·         Blackfast total chemical cost is <15 cents per square foot of surface area.

·         Calculate the surface area of your typical parts and compare.


Blackfast will blacken:

Any ferrous metal; carbon steel; mild steel; tool steel; high speed steel; steel hardened to 60 Rockwell; steels with less than 12% nickel or chrome content; surface hardened items; cast iron; ductile iron; forged steel.

Blackfast will not blacken:

Stainless steel; rust resistant metals; brass; metals > 12% nickel / chrome; metals harder than 60 Rockwell; metals with any trace of oil or rust inhibitors; or red rusted metals.



The converted black surface is between 1.5 and 3 microns in thickness.

The degree of thickness is proportionate to the degree of microscopic variance in the machined surface prior to blacking. The surface conversion actually corrects some microscopic imperfections in the component. There is no change to the hardness of the material. The chemical description of the process is “An Inert Copper Selenoid Phosphate”.



The Blackfast process provides corrosion protection that surpasses that of the traditional hot black oxide method. The corrosion protection is afforded due to the holding ability of the microcrystalline converted surface. The bound microcrystalline black surface adheres applied corrosion inhibitors to the surface for a longer period of time. The effect is a long lasting humidity barrier which hampers oxidation.


Recent testing resulted in no corrosion after 244 hours of humidity cabinet exposure &  significant corrosion only after 48 hours of salt spray, using our standard  833C dewatering oil. Heavier inhibitors are available offering further protection. (Traditional Hot black oxide test results typically range from 48 to 120 hours humidity cabinet only.)


How does BLACKFAST differ from the other room temperature blacking (Gun Bluing) products on the market?

Blackfast will provide consistent true black results. The Blackfast process is scientifically engineered to give optimum results without having to rely on the skill of the person performing the process. It is not the same old “Bucket in the corner“ product and result that people relate to cold blacking. The Blackfast system offers limited environmental concern and the chemicals are much milder than those of conventional chemical black products. “Competitive” products are highly corrosive and bear the corrosive label.  Blackfast blacks in seconds as opposed to 2 – 4 minutes. Blackfast baths are near neutral ph and are more stable and easier to control.


There are 4 main steps to the Blackfast process with a rinse between each of:


Clean                           5 – 20 minutes      Diluted 1 to 1 part Water – 50%             

Condition                     10 – 30 seconds    Diluted 1 to 9 parts Water – 10%          

Blacken                       15 – 60 seconds    Diluted 1 to 3 parts Water – 25%           

Dewater/Protect           15 – 20 minutes     Used Straight – 100%