e-Black Solutions is proud to represent the manufacturer, Blackfast Chemicals Ltd., UK as the Canadian Distributor of Blackfast Room Temperature Blacking Products.


The Blackfast Process has been the industry leader of conversion blacking in Europe for over 26 years and has been distributed in Canada for over 14 years.


This blacking & corrosion inhibiting procedure is used in the manufacture of machine tools, tool holders, cutters, industrial machinery and precision metal components.


Our mission is to expel the belief that room temperature blacking products do not work.


We believe in the Blackfast Process and guarantee a consistent black finish every time, in-house, at room temperature.


Our administrative office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


We have a state of the art warehouse facility in Milton, Ontario where orders are prepared and shipped within one business day to all regions in Canada. Delivery time in transit varies by location.


We are partnered with Loomis Ground Service for reliable, cost-effective and damage free deliveries.


The Greater Toronto area is serviced by a local delivery logistics provider to ensure next day delivery.




 e-Black Solutions: 120 Homewood Avenue, Suite 3708, Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M4Y 2J3

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